Pole's Place, Motel Gift Shop Eatery
P.O. Box 1342 | Boulder Ut 84716 | (435) 335-7422
Across from Anasazi State Park in Boulder Utah

"Gateway to the Grand Staircase Escalante Canyons National Monument"
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Poles Place

Nestled among the beautiful sandstone ledges and green mountains of Boulder, Utah on Scenic Highway 12, you will find the gateways to the famous Burr Trail and Capitol Reef National Park, the historical and ancient ruins of the Anasazi State Park, and the new Grand Staircase Escalante Canyons National Monument. Come and surround yourself with the unique beauty of Boulder, Utah.

Come experience the beautiful hiking areas surrounding Boulder and catch a glimpse of the great American cowboy. Come take advantage of the great hunting and fishing on Boulder Mountain, or...just come for the great food, a relaxing night's sleep in one of our new motel units, and soak in the scenery.

Boulder is a unique community with a history that is as colorful and interesting as the sandstone ledges that surround it.

Having no other natural outlets to other communities, Boulder was considered the most isolated community in Utah, and is the only one to which the mail was still brought in on pack mules, as late as the 1940's.

The settlement was founded in 1880 as a cattle and farming community. Travel then was on horseback and mule pack. Almost everything used in the home, farm or on the range, found it's way to Boulder by way of mule over roads that were hardly more than dangerous trails.

The paving of the road from Boulder to Escalante began in 1962 and was completed in 1971. The paving of the road over the Boulder Mountain was not completed until 1985.

Our Great-Grandfather, John King came into the Boulder area with a herd of horses to graze for the summer in 1887. He later homesteaded in the Boulder area and thus began our history in this rugged and spectacular area.

Eugene "Pole" (short for Napoleon) Griffin was our father. He established the eatery in 1987 and enjoyed extending hospitality to the visitors of Boulder. He took great pride in his business, and in remembering him we take pride in continuing the tradition. We welcome you to this beautiful area and we welcome you to Pole's Place. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Poles Place
P.O. Box 1342 | Boulder Utah 84716 | (435) 335-7422
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